"Whether you’re in the thick of menopause symptoms, or just starting to see some changes, this challenge will equip you with tools to not just 'cope', but THRIVE throughout the process."
Here's what you'll get
Your Menopause Makeover Hormone Guide
Understand Key Hormones & Discover Actionable Steps to Navigate the Challenges of Menopause
Success Guide
Easy and actionable habit swaps to begin reclaiming your life again
7 Days of Functional Home Video Follow Along Workouts
Get noticeable results with minimal time and equipment
Daily lesson, resource and easy to follow action item
Live Zoom coaching and QnA with Shawna
Meet Shawna K
I’m Shawna Kaminski and I’ve been in the health and fitness business for 40 years.

I understand your frustrations with the challenges of menopause because I'm in the trenches with you!

Not only have I experienced the annoying symptoms of menopause, I have managed my weight throughout the process AND I’ve helped hundreds of other women do the same.

I’m a teacher at heart, having taught school for 20 years and I owned a gym for another 17 years so I have a LOT of real-life experience under my belt.

Currently I coach fitness and nutrition online through both individual and group programs.

I’m passionate about helping YOU achieve the healthiest version of yourself.
 STARTING April 24th, 2023 
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