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Surprising Reasons Why My Metabolism Slowed Down
(Unrelated to Age or Menopause)
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About Your Host
Shawna Kaminski has been a fitness professional in the industry for over 35 years. She has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education and too many certifications to count. She is a teacher at heart, having taught school for 20 years.

She’s a #1 best selling author of ‘Lose Your Menopause Belly’ available on Amazon.

She’s helped hundreds of local people through here fitness boot camps.

She helps thousands of online fitness clients worldwide with her fitness and coaching programs.

She’s appeared on national TV as a fitness expert, authored articles in numerous publications and created curriculum for international fitness businesses.

Shawna lives by example. She is most famous for helping women build strength to sculpt a tight & toned body even if they've "tried everything" or failed in the past.

Shawna is in her 50’s and continues to do age-inappropriate things like Cross Fit, skydiving and more. She has two adult children, a one-eyed Rottweiler and an adorably misbehaved French bulldog.
What I will help you discover:
The #1 Way To Quickly Fix Your Slow Metabolism Even if You’re Battling Menopause.
The REAL Hormonal Culprit – Why Menopause Gets a Bad Rap & Two Little Known Tips to Keep Hormones in Check and Your Body Lean.
What to Do If Your Body Weight is ‘Stuck’ –
And Why Eating MORE (in this specific way) is the Answer.
And MUCH more.
If you want to take control of your health & lose your menopause belly, then this FREE online workshop is for you.
*We will conveniently email you your metabolism boosting master class link.
**We will never spam your email!
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